By Scott Johnston – (2019)

As a business consultant and software developer I have lots of new ideas for tools, apps, and websites, etc. It’s just part of how my mind works in always looking for solutions – sometimes to problems that are yet to exist! Many of these potential business opportunities die a natural death during research and design. But others have real potential. This is a story of one such idea, and why ultimately, I chose not to pursue it.

Quite some time ago the medical cannabis act was passed into law in the Virgin Islands. The legislation was well thought out, yet required establishment of new boards, groups, and rules to govern its implementation. All of this is taking time, island time of course, yet it is now on the cusp of implementation.

Breaking down the rules and regulations and presenting the information in a step by step basis to help patients and caregivers, health practitioners, cultivators, producers, and dispensaries presents a great opportunity to connect these parties via a web portal. Hence the idea for was born, and rights to the domains acquired. I won’t elaborate here but besides providing free information, there were numerous opportunities for monetization, some obvious and some not so.

Despite a busy schedule I found a little time here and there to flush out ideas for the site. I was then ready for discussions with a marketing consultant to decide how best to pursue this opportunity. To be honest I have no specific opinion on using cannabis products medicinally, or otherwise. It’s not for me but If people want to do it, I’m fine with it if it doesn’t hurt themselves or others. Yet during the meeting to walk thru my concept and site structure, I found myself being defensive of the idea. I’d come up with it. I’d done the research and work. I knew the monetization was there to make it a nice sideline business. But I found myself even trying to justify it to myself.


I realized I just wasn’t passionate about the outcome. I had no real desire to build and operate this endeavor. This underlying feeling was probably why it had taken me so much time to flush out the concept. Despite the high probability of a nice low effort income stream (post development and implementation) I just didn’t have the true passion needed to pursue this to completion. Even with the many future opportunities when recreational use is legalized. t-shirts, stickers, and mugs for cruise ship passengers! The opportunities were endless.

But It was time to let go of this idea.

Making the decision wasn’t easy. It felt like I was giving up. Yet after a night’s sleep I knew this was the right decision – for me, for now. Realizing I was now free to put my time and effort into other pending ideas and projects that had been languishing unattended gave me a new sense of excitement. Some of these I am much more passionate about, and that, combined with effort, will result in other successes down the road.

Letting go is never easy yet it opens the doors to new opportunities. Sometimes we all need to take stock of our portfolio of ideas and single out those that we shouldn’t be spending time and energy on. Good luck with yours.